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    Nomad Commands
    /t join Joins a town.
    /accept Accepts a town invite.
    /deny Declines a town invite.
    /t spawn [town] Goes to the town spawn of a town.
    /t new [name] Creates a new town. Costs $550. (upkeep: 100)
    /t create [name] Creates a new town. Costs $550. (upkeep: 100)

    Resident Commands
    /res [name] Shows all the information of another player
    /res list Lists all the online players, nation kings are in orange, mayors in blue, residents/nomads white.
    /res tax Displays tax information
    /res toggle [mode] Used to show the plot borders of the forced towny plots, based on the minecraft chunks, to display towny plots do /res toggle plotborder
    /plot claim buys a town plot
    /res toggle plotborder Shows a faint outline of the plot border. (make sure to have particles on)
    /plot set perm To set permissions for a single plot instead of all of your plots. (plot set perm overrules the resident perms)

    • you can do /plot toggle pvp
    • /plot toggle explosion
    • /plot toggle fire
    • /plot toggle mobs
    /res set perm [perm level] [perm] on/off (PERM LEVELS: Friend, ally, outsider. PERMS: Build, Destroy, switch, item use) (Switch perms are for doors, chests, levers, and all that)
    /res friend add [username] Useful for sharing houses. (So you can add a friend, but set the ability to destroy blocks off, with the /plot set perm)
    /res friend [add/remove] [name] Adding online friends to your friend list.
    /res friend [add+/remove+] [name] Adding offline friends to your friend list.
    /res set perm Sets the perms for a resident, and it effects all their plots, but if you change the plot perms, the plot perms override the overall res perms
    /tc Switches to townchat. (/g to switch back)

    /t deposit [amount] Allows you to deposit into the town bank. (ONLY MAYORS CAN WITHDRAW)

    /towny map [maps the chunks of a town in your chat]
    /towny map big [larger maps]

    • Orange is the plot you are standing in
    • Yellow is plots you own
    • Light green are regular plots of your town
    • Blue are shop plots
    • Red is your enemy
    • Dark green is ally
    • White is a town that is not ally or enemy
    • An E Stands for embassy
    • + Is normal plot
    • A= Arena
    • $=For sale
    • w=Wilds plot
    • C=Shop plot
    /towny time Displays time until next tax collection

    Town Mayor Commands
    /t add [name] Command to invite to town
    /t kick [name] Kick people from town
    /t set board [message] Sets the message of the message board
    /t set mayor [mayor] Set the mayor of town. THERE CAN ONLY BE 1 MAYOR. Doing this command will give mayor to another person and take it from yourself.
    /t set homeblock The homeblock is the only chunk that the town spawn can be in
    /t set spawn/outpost Sets the town spawn, or the spawnpoint for the outpost
    /t set perm is a mayor command, like the resident perms, only it effects the whole town, all of the chunks in the town. The mayor can also change the plot perms to any plots in the town.
    /t set name [name] Changes the name of the town. Costs nothing,
    /t rank add/remove [name] [assistant/trusted] Assistant, trusted, co-mayor, and sheriff all work. Helpers, assistant and co-mayors can all invite. Builders can build. Co-mayors can do basically all things a mayor can.
    /t set [plottax/shoptax/embassytax] Set the taxes for plot types.
    /t set [plotprice/shopprice/embassyprice] Set the default price for a certain type of plot
    /plot set [type] - There are a few types of plots. These include:

    • Shop: Shop does nothing special but mark a shop plot
    • Embassy: embassy allows people from other towns to buy a plot
    • Arena: arena turns on pvp
    • Wilds: allows all people to destroy (useful for public farms),
    • Spleef: spleef does nothing special from what i know so far.
    /plot set reset To clear the special plot.
    /plot fs [$] For a mayor to put a plot up for sale. To clear a plot of all lockette and doors, the mayor must claim the plot and do /plot clear
    /t claim/unclaim Claims/unclaims a plot.
    /t claim outpost Claims an outpost.
    /t claim/unclaim [circle/rect] [radius] Claims/unclaims plots in a certain radius.
    /t claim [circle/rect] auto Claims chunks in the maximum radius.
    /t unclaim all Unclaims all chunks.
    /t toggle [pvp/fire/explosion/mobs/public/taxpercent/open] Toggles the towns aspects.
    /t set taxes [$] Sets the tax level payed daily by a resident. Max is $10.
    /t withdraw [$] Withdrawes cash from town.

    Nation Commands
    /nation Puts your nations data and shows a GUI of other commands.
    /nation [name] Puts the nation data of another nation.
    /nation list Lists all nations.
    /nation online Shows whose online in your nation.
    /nation deposit Deposits money in nation bank.
    /nation leave Leaves your nation. [ mayors only ]
    /nation new [name] Creates a new nation. Costs $25000. (upkeep: 1000)

    King Commands
    /nation withdraw [$] Withdraw from nation bank Only kings can withdraw
    /nation [add/kick] [town] Add or kick a town from the nation
    /nation set king [name] Give another person king
    /nation set capital [town] Set another town as the capital
    /nation set taxes [$] Sets the taxes for each town in the nation.
    /nation set name [name] Change name of the nation, costs nothing, glitchy with baltop
    /nation set title/surname [resident] [name] Sets the "Nation rank" Of someone, appears before their name in nation chat
    /nation toggle neutral (Costs $100 to become neutral or hostile)
    /nation ally add/remove [nation] Add or remove a nation to your ally list
    /nation enemy add/remove [nation] Add or remove a nation to your enemy list
    /nation delete Completely destroy a nation
    /nc Switches to nationchat. (/g to switch back)


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    Here are some helpful Towny videos!

    Joining a town

    Creating a town ***instead of using //chunk, use the keys: F3 + G to view chunks!

    Recruiting! VERY IMPORTANT

    Expanding a town

    Town improvements (includes creating plots)!