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    So a week ago today I was permanently muted from the server due to acting stupid and being toxic towards players on several occasions as well as being rude to Treeo. After being muted for a week I've realised the mistakes that I've made and how important chatting to others players is and that I can no longer really contribute to the server. I regret anything I said that resulted in me getting muted and I would really appreciate if you looked into this more and considered giving me another chance. Im aware I've had other chances in the past but continued to only get muted again but I understand this will be my final chance If given to me and i will follow the rules thoroughly. I was also perm banned from the discord for breaching the rule of after being muted in the server talking in the chat of discord which I apologise for and understand where I am in the wrong, This is the first time this has happened and I guarantee if i get unbanned It will not happen again I just wasn't thinking at the time. My discord is LittleManDan#7761 I would really appreciate it if you gave me another chance, Thank you