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    1. LittleManDan

      Banned from 7 days to perm...

      i don't cause trouble i just have bad anger problems and having most of the servers mods being against me i find it unfair how if i screw up i get a perm ban even though i have never done a banable offence before. I'm just hoping that better staff get added to the team since right now theirs...
    2. LittleManDan

      Banned from 7 days to perm...

      So i got banned for fly hacking which i did do and i am sorry for that but i wanna know why my ban got changed to a 7 day ban to a perm ban since i have never been banned before, only muted.
    3. LittleManDan

      Discord Ban

      Got banned from discord ages ago and have made multiple appeals but not one has been looked at, i would like to be unbanned from the discord as i am sorry and have realised my mistakes,
    4. LittleManDan

      Mute appeal (again)

      Got muted by treeo after sending one message and apparently its classed as spam, i just feel like i get targeted on this server for mutes even though i am well known for being nice and keeping the chat alive.
    5. LittleManDan

      Discord ban

      About a week ago i got banned from the discord because i got muted in game and decided to use the discord chat so i could talk to other players but i have realised that was a horrible decision and i was hoping i would only get a warning . Now i have realised that i screwed up im wondering if i...
    6. LittleManDan

      Word Game

    7. LittleManDan

      Mute appeal

      So a week ago today I was permanently muted from the server due to acting stupid and being toxic towards players on several occasions as well as being rude to Treeo. After being muted for a week I've realised the mistakes that I've made and how important chatting to others players is and that I...
    8. LittleManDan

      Word Game

    9. LittleManDan


      Make it so you can access the towny rules from the forums please since the chat always covers the rules up so you have to keep scrolling up.
    10. LittleManDan

      LittleManDans mute appeal

      first of all i didnt spam the discord and second of all.... na thats all i got
    11. LittleManDan

      LittleManDans mute appeal

      the other day i got perm muted by treeo for brigading which i 100% agree with treeo and i was in the wrong. I am also sorry as i was stupid enough to go on discord after i got muted so i also got banned from the discord server. I am simply just asking for 1 more chance and if i fuck up you can...